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Cavitation Erosion & Pitting

Published: 16/03/2015

As water flows through an engine cooling system it is subjected to many obstacles and constrictions. The resulting turbulence creates rapid changes in pressure forcing small pockets of water to vaporise. This process produces voids in the liquid known as "cavitation bubbles". As the pressure normalises the bubbles collapse generating forces great enough to punch holes in the surrounding metal.

Evans Waterless Coolants have a much lower vapour pressure than water which means it is far less likely to vaporise when subjected to the turbulent pressure changes. Tests performed by the Southwest Research Institute conducted on behalf of John Deere concluded that Evans Waterless Coolants achieved results that can not be matched by any water based coolant.

The 250 hour engine dynamometer test, approved by ASTM international, quantified the amount of cylinder liner pitting caused by cavitation errosion. Many coolants were tested during the trial period and results confirmed that up to 75% less pitting occured when using waterless engine coolants.

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